Our Story

Our story

Look good.

The Terra Luna range of shirts, tees, tunics and shirt dresses provides the perfect canvas to layer on your personal style. Dress them up or down and you’ve got endless combinations that look great all day, night, month or year. Take your pick from 100% organic cotton or pure linen fabrics to create classic looks detailed with modern sophistication. Looks that outlive fashion cycles and remain fluid through seasons. Call us lunatics, but we’d rather have you buy fewer clothes that last for much longer.

Feel Good.

We don’t follow seasonal trends, we simply make clothes that put you at ease any time you put them on. They are surprisingly soft due to the delightful nature of our hand spun cotton khadi fabric. And available in a range of colours that draw energy from a cool lunar palette to brighter, warmer, earthy tones. There’s prints too, in subtle designs to some bold pops of energy for those less conservative. They’re cool. They’re comfortable. And effortlessly sexy.

Do good.

We take our mission for a better world of fashion very seriously. Thats why we do not just toss words like sustainability or ‘From field to fashion“ – we sincerely mean it. Terra Luna is handcrafted, sustainable and 100% organic. Our hand spun and hand woven fabrics leave a zero carbon footprint. We are proudly certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) — the world’s most recognized and coveted seal of approval. And work closely with the Khadi & Villages Industries Commission (KVIC) to consistently authenticate our work and mission.